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Don’t ‘Like’ me, help me!

                                                                                                    Photo: birgerking, under a CC License. The other day on a teachers’ group on Facebook I read a request for some help finding research papers.  Four people had ‘liked’ it. My gripe is not about the poster asking for help, this … Continue reading

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Umming and ahhing

So after a considerable absence I’m back.  And for my first post for over a year I have decided to talk about…Me! Last night I did something I have never done before…no, not that, something else.  I presented an online … Continue reading

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Pushing the Envelope

image: A problem I have often come across on exam courses and in course books is that of recycling or repetition.  Very often having covered a theme with a class there is very little opportunity to return to the … Continue reading

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translate, übersetzen, çevirmek, traduire, traducir, переводить, 翻译(包括口、笔译)

(image: By mdid) In addition to the excellent posts by Ceri, David and David… A recent #ELTchat on twitter discussed the role of translation in the classroom.  I don’t want to get into the methodological, pedagogical etc. debate but I have … Continue reading

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Coursebook 3.0?

There’s been a lot of chat recently on coursebooks both positive and negative.  Also a lot of people have mentioned alternatives to current coursebook models, especially Jason Renshaw at his englishraven blog (a great blog and possibly the most energetic … Continue reading

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Karenne Sylvester’s Challenge – A Response

  scenic route or direct route? Karenne recently laid down a challenge to her readers, to answer a list of questions based around a quote from Meddings and Thornbury’s Teaching Unplugged book.  I hav attempted to answer this below – in … Continue reading

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What’s the opposite of hot?

or ? A couple of weeks ago I was registering on a website (that shall remain nameless) and alongside captcha it had a question to check I was a person and not a machine.  The question was ‘What is the … Continue reading

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