Don’t ‘Like’ me, help me!

                                                                                                    Photo: birgerking, under a CC License.

The other day on a teachers’ group on Facebook I read a request for some help finding research papers.  Four people had ‘liked’ it.

My gripe is not about the poster asking for help, this is an excellent way of sourcing material and getting ideas that may otherwise have passed you by.  My complaint is with those four ‘likes’ in the bottom left there. 

Nobody at this point had posted any comments to help the fellow teacher instead it was deemed sufficient to ‘like’ the post.  Everybody likes to be ‘liked’ and it is of course good to know that others have read your request but the point of support groups is to offer support in concrete terms by posting links, suggestions or engaging in discussion. 

Elsewhere on the teachers’ groups others have argued for a reduction in the number of posts that are simply self-serving, pushing their own websites or blogs and not supporting other teachers in turn.  I would like to suggest that supoorting other teachers must go beyond simply ‘liking’ the question and should offer concrete help.  Agree? or am I being a bit too precious here?

Anyway I have to go and push this post on the groups and hopefully everyone will ‘like’ it 😉


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